Magento 2.4 install on your local machine

Magento 2, one of the powerhouse platforms used in e-commerce today, but a real pain to get a hang of it if you never worked on it, or you're put to work on a project all alone. Why install it on local? If you're a experienced webdeveloper, you know that mistakes will be made. Mistakes… Continue reading Magento 2.4 install on your local machine

Configure ssh for github on windows

If you're tired of the always being asked to add the username and password when you're pull-ing or push-ing into the repo, then you need to configure your ssh with github. This post happen because i tried creating and adding ssh keys and i always got the access denied message in all cases. This tutorial… Continue reading Configure ssh for github on windows

Prestashop 1.7 import walkthrough

So this week i had to do a import of products and atributes/combinations from a OpenCart to a prestashop 1.7. I know what you;re thinking, big deal, make some queries create some CSVs and thats it. There is a problem, if you don't do it right you could lose hours, even weeks on this thing.… Continue reading Prestashop 1.7 import walkthrough

Prestashop 1.7 search doesn’t show results

Recently i had the following issue to solve: "When we use the search bar, no search results are shown, although there are products in the shop" So as any good developer i started analyzing the search module that came with the theme. but everything worked perfectly. So here's the thing. Prestashop is make in php… Continue reading Prestashop 1.7 search doesn’t show results

Gitignore, ignore subfolders

Gitignore subfolders

When using git, you'll want to ignore some files and folders and allow other files and folders to be added. Lets start off by creating a file called .gitignore windows: right click -> new-> text document Now rename de file .gitignore (also you must have show extensions activated) linux: run the following command: touch .gitignore… Continue reading Gitignore, ignore subfolders

WooCommerce payment method not appearing in checkout

So... Recently i had this little problem. On a wordpress 5.1 with WooCommerce 4.1, the payment gateway wasn't appearing. So.. i started seting the site in debug mide, started checking the templates from the theme, just to discover that: If you have a product with a price of 0, the sistem doesn't show the payment… Continue reading WooCommerce payment method not appearing in checkout

Prestashop 1.6 Use of undefined constant _RIJNDAEL_KEY_ error

So, i installed prestashop on my dev machine, but i forgot that i had php 7.3.x. something on it. And everything when ok... until i accesed the front.. and the back... and they gave me this error: Notice: Use of undefined constant _RIJNDAEL_KEY_ - assumed '_RIJNDAEL_KEY_' in /var/www/prestafolder/classes/Cookie.php on line 79 Notice: Use of… Continue reading Prestashop 1.6 Use of undefined constant _RIJNDAEL_KEY_ error