Gitignore, ignore subfolders

Gitignore subfolders

When using git, you'll want to ignore some files and folders and allow other files and folders to be added. Lets start off by creating a file called .gitignore windows: right click -> new-> text document Now rename de file .gitignore (also you must have show extensions activated) linux: run the following command: touch .gitignore… Continue reading Gitignore, ignore subfolders

Html5 player autoplay

So, recently i had to make a video autoplay on a site. I read that new browsers do this now, but, after searching the internet and testing a lot of code, the autoplay never happened.  After a... lot of testing, i found the problem. It was the "mute" attribute ! Guys this one is interesting.… Continue reading Html5 player autoplay

WooCommerce payment method not appearing in checkout

So... Recently i had this little problem. On a wordpress 5.1 with WooCommerce 4.1, the payment gateway wasn't appearing. So.. i started seting the site in debug mide, started checking the templates from the theme, just to discover that: If you have a product with a price of 0, the sistem doesn't show the payment… Continue reading WooCommerce payment method not appearing in checkout

Prestashop 1.6 Use of undefined constant _RIJNDAEL_KEY_ error

So, i installed prestashop on my dev machine, but i forgot that i had php 7.3.x. something on it. And everything when ok... until i accesed the front.. and the back... and they gave me this error: Notice: Use of undefined constant _RIJNDAEL_KEY_ - assumed '_RIJNDAEL_KEY_' in /var/www/prestafolder/classes/Cookie.php on line 79 Notice: Use of… Continue reading Prestashop 1.6 Use of undefined constant _RIJNDAEL_KEY_ error

WordPress plugin tutorial: procedural way

After a while, you, as a "wordpress developer" (that term doesn't exist) have to make plugins. Sure you start up with some theme creation, BUT the plugin is POWER! Developing a wordpress plugin, the procedural way WordPress Plugins can be created in one of two ways: procedural object oriented Both ways use the built in… Continue reading WordPress plugin tutorial: procedural way

WordPress useful plugins

Here's a list of some useful plugins that you should use in your WordPress projects   Content Easy Populate Post Disable Gutenberg Duplicate post Contact form 7 seo Yoast SEO WP Sitemap Page security NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) – Advanced Security NinjaScanner – Virus & Malware scan