Multicolored Case with Cooler for Raspberry Pi 4 set up

I'll try to explain how to set up this cheap and cute case. Before you art connect your adapter to the raspberry pi 4. If you don't you could discover at the end that you can't connect the cable to the pi. ( i had to disassemble it and reassemble ) This case comes with… Continue reading Multicolored Case with Cooler for Raspberry Pi 4 set up

Redis as seen by Sql

Before you read, you need to know that this is a a beginner level article. What is REDIS? Well as this site says , Redis is "an open source, in-memory data structure server with advanced key-value cache and store, often referred to as a NoSQL database... or as a data structure server, since it can… Continue reading Redis as seen by Sql

WordPress plugin tutorial: procedural way

After a while, you, as a "wordpress developer" (that term doesn't exist) have to make plugins. Sure you start up with some theme creation, BUT the plugin is POWER! Developing a wordpress plugin, the procedural way WordPress Plugins can be created in one of two ways: procedural object oriented Both ways use the built in… Continue reading WordPress plugin tutorial: procedural way

WordPress useful plugins

Here's a list of some useful plugins that you should use in your WordPress projects   Content Easy Populate Post Disable Gutenberg Duplicate post Contact form 7 seo Yoast SEO WP Sitemap Page security NinjaFirewall (WP Edition) – Advanced Security NinjaScanner – Virus & Malware scan

Prestashop 1.6 Module create

After working with prestashop a number of months, you'll more definitly have to create modules. Here's a quick tutorial on creating a module. Module folder structure The folder structure of a module, after the prestashop documentation , should be: folder name must be: name_of_the_module name_of_the_module.php config.xml  (this will be generated by prestashop when you install the… Continue reading Prestashop 1.6 Module create

Postgresql tutorial part2: php application use

So, you installed Postgresql in the first part, now it's time to set up PHP to work with it. To do this we need to set up php.ini sudo nano /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini search for ;extension=php_pdo_pgsql.dll and decomment it (change it to) extension=php_pdo_pgsql.dll after this save the change and restart apache service sudo service apache2 restart Now, if… Continue reading Postgresql tutorial part2: php application use

Postgresql tutorial part1: installation

What is Postgresql? Postgresql is a open source object-relational database system. Pros Very feature rich GIS add-on functionality Flexible full-text search (brought into mainline in 8.2) Multiple replication options to suit your environment and requirements Powerful server-side procedural languages are available, and can be extended (PL/pgSQL is installed by default, but others like Perl, Python,… Continue reading Postgresql tutorial part1: installation

Prestashop 1.6.x admin error 500

A common error that could appear after you install prestashop is Fatal error: Declaration of AdminLoginControllerCore::viewAccess() must be compatible with AdminControllerCore::viewAccess($disable = false) in /var/www/prestashop/controllers/admin/AdminLoginController.php on line 27 or, if you haven't set prestashop into dev mode, you'll get a 500 error. The way to fix this is simple: go to ROOT/controllers\admin\AdminLoginController.php al line 153 you'll… Continue reading Prestashop 1.6.x admin error 500